View our Whitepaper and Roadmap to get more information about us. You also can read the TLDR to get a quick overview of essential milestones


Phase 1


World war 4 Initial game conceptualization. NFT developement. Whitepaper finalization...
Phase 2

Getting ready

Community building. Closed Alpha test game. Pre-sale whitelist contest...
Phase 3


Marketing kick off. NFT collection release on Binance. Presale on PinkSale...
Phase 4

Building Empire

Implementation of new WW4 features. New modes and missions...

World War 4

View our Whitepaper and Roadmap to get more information about us. You also can read the TLDR to get a quick overview of essential milestones

Total Supply:


Buy Tax:


Sell Tax:



  • Presale & liquid: 36%
  • In-game reward: 35%
  • CEX: 10%
  • Community: 5%
  • Partners: 4%
  • Staking: 10%
  • Partners

    What is Special About World War 4?

    WW4 Oracle System

    It's a game which uses a series of mathematical formulae embedded into the game smart contracts so as to maintain and fix the prices of in-game items such as buying WW4 NFT, equipment,... All the prices you see in-game are based on the price of BNB. We also base all game rewards on BNB. You decide when to claim and swap them into $WW4

    Commander profit

    World War 4 NFT collection will be released and auctioned on Binance, anyone can participate in the auction. The person who gains ownership of any 1 NFT will own that NFT and receive a portion of the project's profit

    Gameplay & NFT

    Simple, Transparent, and clear gameplay with cool-designed NFT and mechanism. Battle through 10 deadly maps to get valuable rewards

    Low tax

    Trading taxes is fixed at 3% for both selling and buying actions. Allocation to pool supporting the WW4 ecosystem


    Here are the briefed most crucial information you need to know before joining WW4 army

  • To get started in WW4, all players need is to assemble a team of 4 NFTs and start earning

  • Enhance NFT to better strengthen your army to maximize your incomes.

  • WW4 NFT Collection will be release and auctioned on Binance. Anyone who owns at least 1 WW4 NFT will receive a portion of the project's profits

  • Oracle System make WW4 is a game that every players' benefits well protected and

  • All Tax of the game go back into WW4 ecosystem to ensure players' long-term benefits

  • Main-net is ready to be launched and many more gameplay will be added within October

  • Since WW4 has been developed and well prepared for a long time. WW4 team is very confident with our project vision and ambition

  • Questions? Contact us.

    About World War 4

    In World War 4, there are 2 kinds of NFT that players need to know to get the best income.

    ARMY NFT - In order to form an ARMY, better NFT with the higher rareness and stats gives players a stronger AMRY, to join battlefields with higher rewards and more chances to survive through those deadly battle.

    EQUIPMENT NFT - Enhancing players ARMY, give more stats to ARMY, more chances to double the rewards and add more protection players' ARMY NFT, Better EQUIMENT gives more Fight Power to your ARMY to get access to higher level field

    Battle Event - In every deadly fight your team has to involve, there will be a certain percentage that there will be sacrifices. In each fight, there will be 1 chance that you will get double the amount of reward. This ratio is based on your squad's Luck score.


    Q: Why World War 4 is launched on PinkSale?


    PinkSale has crafted an all-in-one platform, providing users with numerous features that can be used with no coding requirements. We offer an affordable, feature-rich launchpad with 2 different types of Whitelists, Liquidity and Token Locks, KYC and Audit Service along with other options as well as incubator benefits for selected, especially promising projects.

    Q: How can I participate in $WW4 presale?


    Getting a Whitelist through activities in World War 4 community and our partners' community is the only way to take part in $WW4 Presale

    Q: How can i trade $WW4 once it go live?


    1. Go to the exchange page here.
    2. Unlock your BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking Unlock Wallet (you can also Connect in the top right-hand corner). ...
    3. Paste the exact $WW4 token address in the ""From"" section.
    4. Choose the token you want to trade to in the ""To"" section as above. Next, type an amount for your ""To"" currency by clicking inside the input box.
    5. Check the details, and click the Swap button.
    6. A window with more details will appear. Check the details are correct.
    When you are ready, click the Confirm Swap button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
    7. Done! You can click View on BscScan to see your transaction details on explorer.

    Q: What's with the roadmap?


    This is the heart of our project, and we encourage everyone to click on it to explore the full-picture version. From here you'll be able to see exactly what we are targeting with each funding goal. get a more detailed task list that details how we intend to achieve that goal.

    Q: Where can I follow you to get news?


    You can follow us on Twitter, or Telegram to get the latest new or you can send us an email at if you have any problem or feedback